• Brydie Gall

Staying Motivated and Getting Through Lockdown

Keeping motivated can sometimes be hard on a normal day, but these lockdowns have handed us all some new challenges which are making it even more difficult to get through the day. Working from home, home schooling and everything else you need to do during the day probably makes you want to jump back into bed and pretend you have nothing to do… I mean what else is there to do, right? WRONG!! Here’s some of our tips to keep going in lockdown and stay motivated during the day:

1. Get up at a reasonable time and get ready for the day

Yeah, yeah.. we’ve all heard the “don’t stay in bed all day” one before but it’s super important to stick to a schedule! Not only does waking up late or sleeping in cause for a less productive day for a lot of people, it can also cause you to feel more stressed and overwhelmed. Also, try to have a shower and get changed out of your PJs to help set you up for a better day. Set yourself a goal of waking up at the same time every day and see just how much more you can get done!

2. Make sure you are eating three main meals a day

If you’re anything like me, sticking to eating three main meals everyday can be a challenge when working from home. When you’re right next to the kitchen and have a long to-do list it’s just quicker and more convenient to grab a snack from the cupboard and keep working. For a lot of us, we may be snacking on lots of processed foods during the day and next thing you know it’s 8pm, you haven’t had a break, you missed lunch and dinner and you haven’t fuelled your body with sufficient nutrients throughout the day.