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Each week, they’ll twirl through a dance & music adventure that will put a bounce in their step and a smile on their face!  By encouraging your Petite Performer to explore their creativity, they’ll blossom before your eyes!

Annie Robinson - Petite Ballet - Individual 3.jpg
Georgia Baigent - Petite Jazz - Individual .jpg
Ella Simpson - Teeny Tap - Individual.jpg


Petite Performers classes are designed specifically for our 2-5yr old students and not only teach some awesome dance moves but they help your child gain self confidence and learn so much about themselves and the world around them. This class is perfect for building new friendships, enhancing otor skills and physical fitness, becoming spatially aware and stimulating listening skills through themed classes combining techniques from classical ballet and jazz.

Our Petite Performers are also able to undertake not only their Petite classes but also have the opportunity to undertake other classes such as Mini Cheer, Preschool Acro, Teeny Tap & Private Lessons.


With ballet and jazz as the core techniques, at Hunter Urban Dance Studio your children will gain all the fundamental skills they need for dance in a fun, nurturing environment. Through movement, your child’s creativity will flourish as they discover new ways to communicate and create. These classes are perfect for 2-5 year olds looking for imaginative & engaging dance classes with specialist teachers who encourage and support each child to achieve their best!


Watch your child’s confidence grow week by week, as they begin friendships that will last a lifetime. Hunter Urban Dance Studio is a place where lifelong friendships form through a common love of dance. They’ll come home so proud to show you their new moves and you’ll see that they’re part of a community that brings out their best.

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